Support for Students

Academic & Welfare Counselling Services

All the staff at Empyrean including the lecturers and administration staff are always available to help students with any queries or concerns they may have which may include academic or personal problems. Common problems associated with being an international student, such as stress, homesickness, difficulties with language and culture shock can all be addressed in a confidential manner and help is provided at no cost to the student.

Student Services - Forms & Requests
    • If you wish to or need to go on leave / holiday, then you must apply for it and provide some evidence. Leave applications will not necessarily be approved depending on the length of time required. Student leave applications are available from Reception or from Student Services. Please see Student services before you book or make plans.
    • If you are planning a holiday, then please plan during term breaks. Please see Student Services if you need to take leave during the study period before you make plans or book.
    • If you wish to change or alter or cancel your course, then you must fill out a Course Variation form. All applications will be considered on merit and on the evidence provided. Course Variation requests may not necessarily be granted. Please refer to Empyrean’s Refund Policy in your student handbook, or on our website.
    • If you require any documents, you need to fill out a Document Request form and submit to reception or Student Services.
  • You must fill out a document request form if you require:
      1. A holiday letter for your employer
      2. A course completion letter for visa purposes
      3. A confirmation of study letter for agent or visa purposes
      4. Any other letter you may require assisting you with your study or visa
  • Students who have any outstanding fees will not be issued any documents including qualifications until all outstanding fees have been settled.