Community Services

Empyrean’s Community Services qualification pathways has been designed in collaboration with local industry leaders. These qualifications provide a variety of knowledge, experiences and skills to gain employment within the Community Services Industry. By selecting an Empyrean Community Services qualification pathways program, students can be confident they will receive a high standard of training required for entry into their chosen field. By combining entry level and advanced qualifications, students will gain the necessary knowledge, expectations and continuous improvement requirements of this challenging and rewarding industry.

At the end of the pathway students will be equipped with various skills, techniques as well as a holistic approach which will enable them to navigate community services sector and keep up with its demands and currency.

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CHC33015 - Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community)

Learn how to deliver support and care services to older people in residential, home and community settings.

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CHC43115 - Certificate IV in Disability

Develop and pursue a career in caring for and supporting people with disabilities and will prepare you to work as a disability support worker in a client’s home or a community organisation.

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CHC52015 - Diploma of Community Services (Case Management)

Learn legal and ethical compliance, society and diversity, personal and professional development, working with clients and peer case workers, community program development, policies and research.

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