Our Mission Statement

“To provide a unique and unforgettable experience for Empyrean students based on individual and cultural respect and providing technical excellence in a caring environment.”

Our Goal

“To continue to be the leading quality Training Organisation in Western Australia. Everything we think and everything we plan and do is all about quality and the benefits that quality brings to our Students.”

We are currently on the process of changing to our new logo and creating new website.

Any enquiry please contact our Marketing and Admission team at admissions@eei.wa.edu.au or 08 9229 1600

Welcome to Empyrean

Empyrean Education Institute is Perth’s fastest growing Commercial Cookery, Hospitality & Business College, located in the bustling precinct of Fremantle, a city which is renowned for its heritage buildings and well-preserved colonial-era architectures.  Students at Empyrean have the opportunity to study and train in real live environments such as Quinlans restaurant and our commercial kitchen partners, four and five star hotels in Perth so that this experience personalises their theoretical training.

To date, Empyrean Education Institute has been very successful in training Domestic students studying through government funded programs and also International students. We assist them to be job ready for work in the industry and equip them with the skills and knowledge in order to find jobs in their home countries. In recognition of these achievements, Empyrean has won the Australian Business Award for its contribution to the community.  Empyrean Education Institute greatly prides itself in its excellence in training for both domestic and international students in Western Australia.


Since starting my course in hospitality at Empyrean, I have learnt many industry skills through theory and real life practical work at Quinlans. The staff at Empyrean are always helpful and friendly which is a huge plus, it makes me excited to come to study. Since starting at Empyrean Education Institute in October I started doing my certificate IV and I am now doing my diploma in hospitality this is such a great college with really amazing staff that would help you with anything you need including your studies and visa I am so glad I moved to this college as I studied in the city before and I felt my old college didn't really care for the students you were just a number were as Empyrean its more like a family and I feel if I have any problems I can go to Kate or any member of staff for help they are so kind and make you feel so welcome I am very happy here and would recommend any international student to come here to study and it is in a great location of Fremantle and you will get a lot of learning and support from Empyrean. I wish I had done my Certificate III in commercial cookery here as when I went down to Quinlans restaurant I couldn't believe how much the students got to create all these gorgeous meals with chef Richard he has a great way with the students and is a great teacher to learn to create new dishes with.
Mountain View
Nicola Penches , Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and Diploma of Hospitality Management
Hi, I am Seulgi Kim from South Korea. I have studied Food and Nutrition when I stayed in Korea. After graduate, I was desire to study Cookery in Australia and I choose to study at EEI as my friend recommend that their course is well structured. It was true. I could learn a lot of acknowledges about the kitchen environment. After that, I wanted to study Diploma to improve my management skills. The trainers were very helpful and also ready to help us understand the course. If someone want to study Hospitality, I will recommend EEI 🙂
Seulgi Kim , South Korea
In EEI, I really enjoy my studying at it. After completing my course from Certificate III of Cookery to Diploma of Hospitality, I could really fit in lots of workplace quickly in WA. About everything that trainers had taught us are very useful. Therefore, I sincerely appreciate that all the school has given me.
Jia-Ci Wang(Willy) , ultrices
I’ve been with Empyrean for a short while but it feels like I’ve been here for years. They have offered a safe, friendly and stress-free environment in which to learn with readily willing instructors to answer questions of any confused student. Compared to other places of educational learning, Empyrean is a caring institute with enjoyable and interesting classes for everyone.
Josephine Murray , Certificate III in Hospitality