Important Information

The following is vital information you MUST know while you study with Empyrean.


  • If you pay your fees after the due date there will be a $150 late fee penalty applied on your outstanding tuition fee.
  • If you are having trouble with settling your account before the due date, then you may apply for a financial arrangement. You cannot apply for a financial arrangement on the day your fees is due or after it is due. Financial arrangements must be made 2 weeks prior to due date of fees.
  • When paying your fees by bank transfer, you MUST put your student number as a reference.
  • If you have paid your fees to your agent please supply us a receipt of payment.
  • If you have paid your fees and still received an invoice from us then please contact us about the payment or provide a receipt for the payment made.
  • If you have not paid your fees and it is overdue for 3 weeks or more, you will not be allowed to attend any further classes until your account is settled. This will affect your attendance and also your academic progress.
  • Please communicate with us about any issues you may be having BEFORE due dates of instalments.


  • Most classes and units are scheduled for 2 contact study days per week plus 4 hours home study per week.
  • Students are required to attend all scheduled contact hours. Students MUST maintain 80% attendance per term as required for Visa conditions as a high level of attendance is essential to passing your units and gaining your qualification.
  • Because you are only required to attend 2 days per week, attendance is monitored daily and your attendance % will be affected if you miss any classes.
  • You MUST communicate with your trainer and or student services if you are not attending any scheduled classes and provide evidence of absence.

Dress Code

Empyrean insists that high standards of presentation and personal hygiene are essential and required at all times in the service industry. Commercial Cookery students must wear their chef uniform at all times for classes based in the kitchen. Empyrean encourages students to always insist on a high standard dress code into their everyday life.

Students under 18

The welfare of the student under 18 is important to us. Parents and legal guardians are informed of your attendance and academic progress.Student services will be checking on you welfare regularly to ensure your study experience with Empyrean is protected.

Empyrean Policies & Procedures

It is important that all student familiarise themselves with Empyrean policies and procedures. The copies of our policies and procedures are available on request from Student Services or you can download from “About Empyrean” tap on the homepage.

Please take time read before making decisions about your studies.

All Communication from Empyrean is Important

If you receive an email from Empyrean DO NOT ignore it. If it asks you to respond them you must do so. If you don’t understand anything in an email then please contact us to clarify or get more information.

Please contact the Training Manager or relevant department to discuss any concerns you may have if you do not agree with anything that has been communicated to you.

Thank you for choosing Empyrean and we will look after you to the very best of our ability and make sure that you will achieve your academic and personal goals.


Empyrean’s policies and procedures are in line with the Australian Government Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, Australian Quality Training Framework for Registered Training Organisations, National Code of Practice for Registered of Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students and Vocational Education and Training Act 1990.


The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector. ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met.

Please visit for more information.

You can also download a guide to the standards for Registered Training Organisations RTOs here.

Tuition Protection Service

The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) is an initiative of the Australian Government to assist international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study. The TPS ensures that international students are able to either:

  • Complete their studies in another course or with another education provider or
  • Receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees

Empyrean will continue to inform all students of the changes and developments in the industry. It is of high importance that all of you read through the information and keep up with the industry regulations so that you will enjoy a trouble-free study experience in Australia.

Please visit for more information.


The Ombudsman serves Parliament and Western Australians by resolving complaints about the decision making of public authorities and improving the standard of public administration. The services are free and available to everyone.

Please visit for more information.