Hospitality (Food and Beverage) Management

Students will first learn in a simulated hospitality environment all the necessary skills such as barista , service staff and bar work to work in a restaurant bar or café. Your journey will then take you to Quinlans café where you will do rostered work experience to put into practice the skills you have learned.

Our highly qualified trainers will help you boost your confidence and abilities to succeed in this in this fast paced and dynamic industry.

Once you have mastered the skills and completed work experience in the first six months, you will then progress further and learn all about the managerial skills you will need to manage a restaurant or café

SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality

Course ID: SIT30616 | Eligibility: Domestic Students | Duration: 6 months (26 weeks) divide into 2 terms | Study unit: Total of 12 units | Study: Full-time study with min. 20 hours per week

This qualification provides a pathway to work in organisations such as restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs, pubs, cafés, and coffee shops. This qualification allows for multiskilling and for specialisation in food and beverage sector.

Developing the knowledge base and creating a starting point for imbedding the necessary foundation skills required for entry into the Hospitality Industry. Students’ will be required to work at Quinlans Café in High Street Fremantle to link education to industry. Transfer Knowledge and refine practical skills to become “Job ready”

Course pathway: Certificate IV in Hospitality

SIT40416 Certificate IV in hospitality

CRICOS CODE: 090974M | Course ID: SIT40416 | Eligibility: International Students | Duration: 6 months (26 weeks) divide into 2 terms | Study unit: Total of 21 units | Study: Full-time study with min. 20 hours per week

This course is of six months duration and includes the foundation skills of reading, oral communication, learning, teamwork, self-management and technology. There are multiple delivery and learning modes including case scenarios, oral questions, role plays and group based assessments.

This course develops the knowledge base and creates a starting point for embedding the necessary skills required for entry into the hospitality industry.

Theoretical training is undertaken in the Fremantle campus and practical training takes place at Empyrean Quinlans restaurant. Skills learned will include social and cultural sensitivity, how to work effectively with others, how to process financial transactions, how to appreciate various wines, how to operate a restaurant, how to anticipate customers’ needs and how to prepare and handle food safely and hygienically.

Course pathway: Diploma of Hospitality

SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management

CRICOS CODE: 091070K | Course ID: SIT50416 | Eligibility: International Students | Duration: 12 months or 6 months if you have Cert IV Hospitality, Cert IV Commercial Cookery, or equivalent units | Study unit: Total of 7 units (Diploma units only)Study: Full-time study with min. 20 hours per week

This Empyrean course is a 12 months course or 6 months if a student has completed Certificate IV in Hospitality or Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery. The course structure has a mixture of classroom based training and work with Empyreans Industry partners.

The course includes how to research problems and to apply appropriate solutions, role plays so that a student can enhance their learning and comprehension and gain the knowledge and skills which are necessary to recruit and select staff, how to write advertisements for jobs, how to train new staff and how to manage staff performance. It also includes lessons on how to prepare and monitor budgets and how a business manages its income and its expenses and costs. Finally a student is taught how to manage business relationships and how to ensure compliance with all Australian regulatory requirements for operating business.

Course pathway: Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

SIT60316 Advanced Diploma in hospitality

CRICOS CODE: 093379F | Course ID: SIT60316 | Eligibility: International Students | Duration: 6 months divide into 2 terms | Study unit: Total of 6 units | Study: Full-time study with min. 20 hours per week

This is the final course in Hospitality management and builds on all the skills already learned. This course includes how to write operational plans, how to formulate budgets, how to develop marketing strategies and how to prepare and manage plans for Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety.

This course is also multidisciplinary and allows for students who have come from commercial cookery, or food and beverage hospitality streams. Once this course is completed a student is ready for a variety of positions including Café manager, Café owner, Executive chef, Executive sous chef, Head Chef, Motel Manager, and divisional Manager.