Empyrean’s provides the most up to date practical training facilities in Western Australia. Students have access to 3 campus locations, 4 commercial training kitchens, 23 current industry partners with an industry network unrivalled in Western Australia.


The Empyrean main campus is in Fremantle, Western Australia, a city which is renowned for its heritage buildings and well-preserved colonial era architecture. The Fremantle Campus includes two of these prestigious buildings and is home to over 300 Empyrean students. Empyrean aims to provide the best education in the best location with the very best facilities, where students can have access to a spacious study environment and numerous cultural activities.

Perth (Mt Hawthorne)

Empyrean newest Perth campus offers Commercial Cookery and Patisserie qualifications, delivered via a live commercial environment located in the heart of the Perth metropolitan area. Students have access to the latest in industry equipment and facilities, and coupled with renowned industry placement, students will graduate with real world skills and experience desired by our commercial partners.


Empyrean’s Mandurah campus offers regional accredited courses to students who reside in the Peel region of Western Australia. This satellite campus provides our students the opportunity to live and train in one of Western Australia’s premier tourist hotspots.

Quinlans Restaurant

Empyrean manages Quinlans Restaurant in High Street, Fremantle. Quinlans has been an award-winning restaurant and gives Empyrean students access to real time culinary and hospitality experience to assist them in securing future employment within their chosen field.

Main campus

Quinlans Restaurant