Empyrean Education Institute is Perth’s fastest growing Commercial Cookery, Hospitality & Business College and is located in the bustling precinct of Fremantle, a city which is renowned for its heritage buildings and well-preserved colonial-era architectures.  Students at Empyrean have the opportunity to study and train in real live environments such as our own Quinlans restaurant and the kitchens of our commercial  partners, four and five-star hotels in Perth so that this experience personalizes their theoretical training.

To date, Empyrean Education Institute has been very successful in training both Domestic and International students from across the world. We assist them to be job ready for work in the industry and equip them with the skills and knowledge to find employment in their home countries. In recognition of these achievements, Empyrean has won the Australian Business Award for its contribution to the community.  Empyrean Education Institute greatly prides itself in its excellence in training for both domestic and international students in Western Australia.