Our mission statement

Our mission statement

“To provide a unique and unforgettable experience for Empyrean students based on individual and cultural respect and providing technical excellence in a caring environment”.

Welcome to Empyrean

Empyrean Education Institute is the most prestigious vocational college in Western Australia. The college is based in the port City of Fremantle which was recently voted the seventh most liveable city in the world.

The college was founded in 1996 by James Ryan who has a background in business and education, both in Western Australia and in New South Wales. James managed a significant project management practice which concentrated on large federal and state government departments such as the Australian Tax Office, New South Wales Police, Federal Department of Health and Ageing and a large number of private companies.

In 2009, Patrick Ryan, joined the company following his service in the Royal Australian Air Force with active service in Iraq and East Timor.

Together they have turned Empyrean into a top quality college which has a fine reputation in Western Australia.

Our mission statement

“To provide a unique and unforgettable experience for Empyrean students based on individual and cultural respect and providing technical excellence in a caring environment”.

Our vision statement

“To continue to be the leading quality Training Organisation in Western Australia. Everything we think and everything we plan and do is all about quality and the benefits that quality brings to our Students.”

Key success factors

Ensure that Empyrean builds significant relationships with Governments and Government Departments.
Ensure that completion rates for students are considerably above industry norms.
Ensure that all our students have an unforgettable experience.
Ensure that all our lecturers are respectful, knowledgeable, passionate and caring.
Ensure that Empyrean facilities are world class.
Ensure that Empyrean recognises and qualifies for all appropriate forms of Government assistance.
Ensure that Empyrean continues to build the brand as the educator of choice.
Ensure that Empyrean creates exciting events for our corporate clients.

Empyrean Ethos

Empyrean will always look after its students and staff. Empyrean’s international students come from over 40 different countries bringing with them a vast array of cultures and understandings. We embrace these cultures and bring life and energy into our Fremantle campus. Our support for our international students is legendary, from our admissions process through to our airport pickup, our advanced training, our internship programmes and our job placements. Even after internship and job placement, Empyrean follows our students and ensures that their employer is treating them well, is paying them the right amount of money and is complying with all their Australian Government entitlements.

Empyrean also has a range of programmes which cover our Australian local students whether they are unemployed, have disabilities or are simply struggling in their everyday lives. Empyrean has been recognised for its contribution to the local Australian Community winning awards in 2010 and in 2011.

A message from our CEO

On behalf of EEI, I would like to encourage all students to enrol into these programs and start their journey towards securing their future. Experience the Empyrean difference, achieve a qualification for your future, and succeed!

When you enrol with EEI you become part of the Empyrean family. This simply means that we will look after you to the best of our ability. This applies not only to your academic progress but we are happy to help you with everything that impacts on your wellbeing including your finances, your banking, your health care, your landlord and your employer. Empyrean will always help you.

To your parents and grandparents I offer to keep you safe when you are in my care and I offer the very best lecturers, the very best student support and administration officers so that your time with us is enjoyable and fulfilling. I look forward to seeing you in Empyrean soon.